Team Velomobile For Sale

For Sale

SOLD! The Team is gone to greener pastures

The last few months have really flown by as my wife and I undertook the adventure of buying our first home. We bought a cute bright and open house on five acres of land. It has been (and continues to be) a huge black hole for our time and money, but also a fulfillment of many of our dreams – finally I’ll have room for my edible shrub collection! We’ve only recently gotten our internet back, but we’ve been so busy we barely had time to miss it. I was actually glad being unable to get online because I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do this. One of the few downsides of our new home is that it is well up a bone-jarring, velomobile-hating dirt road. I considered getting a car trailer that I could use to tow the velo down to friendlier roadways, but I think I’ve just got to let go. Now that we have our own space too, I’m feeling my energy move towards other projects and priorities. I’ll be sad to see it go, but it’s time to let someone else have some fun.

Team Velomobile - Side View

Team Velomobile from bluevelo – click for larger view

So here’s my velomobile up for sale. I’ve really enjoyed my Team and had a blast with it (despite my gripes that I’ve posted about). It was always really fun to ride and introduced me to all sorts of great people. There’s really not a whole lot more I can say about it that I haven’t already said in previous posts, but here’s the rundown of what it has:

  • BionX PL-350 Electric Assist (throttle version), with 2 batteries (second battery is refurbished (rated to function at 90%) from NYCeWheels with very little use, $695 value)
  • Schlumpf Speed Drive
  • Signal/Lighting Package – includes turn signals, brake light, horn
  • Flevobike roof – detachable for rain or sun protection
  • Fabric wheel covers
  • Sturmey Archer hub brakes
  • Cycle computer

To see the Team’s product page (note: some specs have since changed on base model), head over to bluevelo’s site here:

I made some modifications myself that add some function, but also may detract from the Team’s original beauty (eye of the beholder and all that):

  • Second super-bright headlight (MagicShine 900 Lumen) with upgraded GeoManGear battery pack
  • Hinged tailbox top for easier access
  • Keyed lock for lid
  • Security cover for head hole
  • Larger gear ring for the Schlumpf Speed Drive (more speed!)
  • Extra reflective tape on front, rear, and sides for added visibility

Also includes:

  • BionX axle collar puller tool (~$30 value)
  • Schlumpf Speed Drive shift button tool kit (~$20 value)
  • 6V DC Converter to power lights from BionX battery (a project that I never started) – from The Grin Cyclery (~$50 value)
  • Original stock Schlumpf Speed Drive chainring



  1. Josh, where are you/velomobile located ?

  2. J. Michael Newlight says:

    Still for sale? I’m in Bellingham.

    • Yep, still languishing. Once the velomobile is sold I’ll edit the post to make it clear that it’s no longer available. Until then, I’m still taking offers.

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